Running Guys!

A Blender 2D Game with network features

Running Guys is a little game created during a monthly contest on the BlenderClan (french forum).

Techs used: Blender, Gimp, Python.

[Working On]
[HOT]Update cheking
[MID]New characters

[HOT]Multiplayer scoring
[HOT]Update checking
[HOT]Choosing between Cops & Thiefs in online mode
[MID]Auto update
[MID]New characters
[LOW]New map
[NVR]Online shop for DLC

[Change Logs]
First release- "Draft Version 0.1": 22 June 2014_
server- "Z Version 1": 22 June 2014(First public server online)
release- "Draft Version 0.11": 27 June 2014(Chat improvement, bug fixes)
release- "Draft Version 0.12": 02 July 2014(QWERTY support)
server- "Z Version 1.1": 05 July 2014(Ban system)
release- "Draft Version 0.15": 13 July 2014(User management improved, logout animation)
server- "Z version 1.3": 13 July 2014(User timeout)
server- "Z Version 2": 27 July 2014(Multiple server instances + Private games)
release- "Draft Version 0.15+" : 08 August 2014(Bug fixes)
Last release- "Draft Version 0.16" : 11 September 2014(Update cheking, bug fixes)

Note from devs:

Irone recrute!

We are looking for artists.

If you are interested contact us:


skype: xam.master

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